Wednesday, November 2

SU Ag Center Let's Be Totally Clear Program Implements Smoke-free Policy

Baton Rouge, LA - After years of creating educational awareness, booth displays, telephone communications, the Communities of Color Network at SU Ag Center has moved to the next level.

Communities of Color Network  has been working diligently throughout the SU System and Louisiana to effectively disseminate information regarding a tobacco-free existence. After many discussions and considerations, Darren Mire, Chairman of the SU Board of Supervisors, has implemented a 100% Tobacco-Free Policy for the SU System effective January 2, 2012. This policy affects employees, students and visitors.

Southern University System is committed to providing its employees and students with a safe and healthful environment. Southern University System also recognizes the use of tobacco products on campus grounds is detrimental to the health and safety of students, staff, faculty and visitors.

 For further details, please contact Linda Early Brown at: 225-771-2242.

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