Friday, June 26

Teaching life skills in St. Helena

The Full Circle Parenting Program brought family and life skills lessons to 28 students at St. Helena Central High School, in Greensburg, as they ended the school year. 

Parent educator Delores Johnson taught the teenagers how to create functional resumes including a reference list and cover letter. They discussed the advantages of obtaining background information on a prospective employer, as well as, how and where to search for a job. With assistance from Southern University Ag Center agents, the students completed job applications to learn how to properly complete. 

During the two-hour session the students discussed practical budgeting and developed personal spending plan. They learned the importance of good credit and why they should begin the habit of checking their credit reports even as young as 16 years old.  “These youth will be in search of summer jobs. Having received the proper information they are more likely to succeed in their job search,” said Johnson.

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